Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Saturday - Cambridge

Another place that has long been on the list of places to visit was Cambridge. On a fast train it is not more than an hour north of us so seemed like an ideal day trip. Alas there was a small hiccup in the trains at Finsbury Park so we backtracked a bit to Kings Cross, but after a small delay we were off.

I enjoy travelling out of London by train. I think living in the middle of the city it is easy to forget that you don't have to go very far north to see rolling hills and farm animals gracing the countryside. If it wasn't for the fact that we were travelling swiftly on a regular and relatively inexpensive train system you could have almost thought it was the New Zealand green outside...

Any time I've thought of visiting Cambridge I've been thinking of strolling the old streets, wandering through the parks and perhaps even punting on the river.

A lovely idea, although perhaps not best suited for the day we visited. As we got of the train we paused for warm snacks and a hot chocolate. Stepping outside the wind blew my hot chocolate all over me and the snow (yes, the snow in March) was pelting sideways.

So gone were the ideas of strolling and we boarded the opentop bus tour (resting in the warm of the bottom floor though!).

It was a good way to see the city, but just perhaps not quite what we'd first had in mind.

The day took a regular pattern that anytime we stopped to do something outside it would blow and snow so we'd go inside, see blue sky, go back outside and back into the blow and snow.

It was still a fun day out and we did see into a few of the Colleges and in particular the inside of King College. In the Chapel the choir was singing which made it all the more special.

Kings College Chapel

Kings College Chapel (window)

Paul and Amy in the snow at Kings College

Watching someone brave go punting.
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