Tuesday, 28 October 2008


It's October, we've not yet turned the heating on and it's snowing!!!

We are creatures of routine, kinda, in that on Tuesdays Paul has rugby training and I will run to the gym.

My run was cut short as as I left the office I was caught in a downpour of what I thought was the BBC would describe as "soft hail". I ended up cheating and running the the tube station and getting on a nice warm tube to the gym.

Paul was a lot braver and went to training and ran in the freezing cold for couple of hours.

It's now chucking it down with large wet flakes. Not sure it will stick for the morning but with the frost they (that would be BBC weather) are predicting tomorrow morning I think it might be best to wear flats with good grip to the tube!

The snow outside the gym

PS... I've just worked out it's hardly been six months since the last round of snow... um, where was "summer"?
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Out with the Hens

After Jess's success with the running around the bug thing in Luxor, resulting in her engagement to Andrew in May they're of home soon to get married in January.

As there's very few of us making the trip home for the Gisborne-summer-beach wedding Ange organised a fab night out on the river followed by loads of cheesy dancing.

These are probably what one would call the "before" photos... After involves a trip to the walkabout and cocktails I've not touched since varsity days...

London Eye

Michelle, Leona, Fran, Ange, Fiona, Jess and Vicki

Jess and her halo

London Bridge from the water
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A little bit of Britannia.

If there's one thing the Brits do really well it's a bit of ceremony.

After their haul in the Olympic medal tally, on a sunny autumn day, past St Paul's and down Fleet Street at the back of Amy's office, there was a good British parade with a matching band and loads of gold medals!

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