Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Sunset over Algeria

Way back in March one of the real highlights of the trip to Libya was a journey into the Sahara to see the sun set where Libya, Tunisia and Algeria meet. I still think we were lucky to make it alive as the guy who was driving our 4x4 had a death wish; mine.

I thought that something warm would make for my first painting project. Still need to get better though I think.

Monday, 6 November 2006

Go Black!!!

Some months ago Paul asked his boss, a debenture holder at Twickenham, if he was able to get tickets to the hallowed turf to see the ABs. Turns out he could and kindly offered Paul a seat.

Only a couple of days before the game a few more tickets were released to the ballot holders and as my boss already had his I was offered the 'spares'. So next thing you know, for the price of a small section in Tamaranui Leona and I were off to the game.

Leona and I in our seats early for a beer

Short of seeing the ABs play Australia at Eden Park, I think this was about as good as rugby gets.

The start of the game was amazing. The tear jerking national anthem; the Haka being drowned by Sweet Chariot; followed by the Brits complaining about the French. (I loved it even though we were beating them they still hated the French more).
The last two tries in the seconds before half time really made it.

Dan-the-man, again

I think by the second half the Brits were a bit over our lead and the cheering subsided... unless you were wearing black of course.