Sunday, 19 August 2007

Sunday Jog

If the world is divided into say-ers and do-ers my friend Jess is a do-er.

Having talked about it, she organised a show outing recently. After the show she and I were having some post dinner wines and I agreed to join her on the Tuesday for an after work jog. And while having that after work jog I agreed join her for a half marathon at Burnham Beeches through the local running club.

What you have to understand is that at that point, while I'd been doing my usual gym stuff, and running home on the odd occasion (about 5kms) and a few corporate fun runs (again, 5km jobs) I certainly had not done a long run in a long time. Oh, and there were only 19 days to train.

So my runs home started to take detours in the wrong direction (see the photo on another post of my foot when I was having a break by Tower Bridge). I worked out I could do a 7km circuit in my lunch break that took in Fleet Street, Trafalgar Square, St James' Park, Buckingham Palace, Westminister / Big Ben and the Thames. Saturdays had early starts for my long "jogs".

The rest days were the best days though, and I made sure I had a few of them.

Even with the increase in length, still the best distance I'd done was just shy of 15kms in 90 mins.

So, I'm rather pleased I managed to finish today's little jog. And here are a couple of photos of me at the finish line.

I guess I came in at 1.52:18 or so.

Of course, now Jess is asking when the next one will be...
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Sunday, 12 August 2007

A run home...

Here's a photo I took when I was running home (the long way) last week.

Prizes for guessing where I am!

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Summer Sunday

Paul's off playing cricket in Regent's park this morning and although I'll be off soon to be a WAG with Fran and hang out in the sun I thought I should put some photos up.

In summer time the tube can be a bit dire so I tend to walk or run home as much as I can. Here are a few pictures of things I pass on the way...

There are loads of cool street names, Cold Bath Square, Friday Street, Bleeding Heart Lane...

An old town hall

Banksie Art