Sunday, 13 August 2006

English Ambiguous Walking, Sussex

Back in NZ, Paul and I would often end up in the Waitakeres or generally walking in hills or along the beach. We’d decided a while back that we should have a walking weekend and I had the job of finding a place to stay. As it turned out my choice, the village of Alfriston, was the same place where we ended up for his work party, but in a way it was good to have done the initial reconnaissance of the area by car a few weeks ago.

  Country Fields

Alfriston is a very cutesy English village, lanes, footpaths, more horses on the road than cars and is only a couple of miles over rolling seas to the very impressive Seven Sisters

  Bramble Berries

  Wind-Swept Amy and Paul

We were joined by friends Theresa, Emma and Brian and spent most of Saturday and Sunday walking through farms and along cliffs. Map reading by consensus was good fun and didn’t get us lost per se as we did know which part of the map we were waking in circles over.

After a hard day on Saturday, we passed a pub on the way to the hostel and didn’t leave there until dinner, some local ales, a trivial pursuit quiz and a couple of games of scrabble later. Rambling back in the dark without torches was fun.

  The Seven Sisters Posted by Picasa

Sunday, 6 August 2006

Girls' Night


Amber, Amy, Jess, Leona, Fran

Continuing the long tradition of Girls’ Night a few of us headed out of Friday having been all glammed up at the house before hand.

A fine meal was had a local favourite Le Mercury followed by, errrr, a lot of talking…. Posted by Picasa