Monday, 29 September 2008

Bouin, Poitou Charente (France)

After many months spending our spare time in the UK it was time to dust off the pasports and return to the joys of flying Ryanair.

Brenda & David were in week three of their time doing home exchanges in France and we joined them at home number two just outside of the tiny town of Bouin.

While we weren't away for very long, we managed to enjoy lots of sun, great food, heaps of cheese and some rather neat churches.

Again, photos are to tell most of the story...

Flying over Fracne

Ke he he

Entering Bouin - so small it does not even have it's own bakery!

La Rochelle Market

La Rochelle Market - Check out the heads on the birds

La Rochelle harbour

Paul on the city walls in La Rochelle

Amy with her feet in the Atlantic

Paul having post lunch icecream

Amy trying to self-portrait with her icecream

Church in the countryside

Complete with griffins

Outside the same church

Walking in the countryside


Another small church

Stained glass

15th Century paintings in the church

The counrtyside was full of not so sunny sun flowers - must've been rather spectacular a few weeks ago.

Poitiers - Eglises de Notre Dame

Eglises de Notre Dame - with very colourful paintings inside

Windsor & Eton

Just a few photos from a trip to Windsor Castle.

Billingsgate Fish Market

When Fran and Graham (our almost neighbours) invited us for dinner it ended up being almost a whole day affair as it started with a very early morning mission to the docklands for a shopping trip at Billingsgate Fish Market.

It was a v yummy dinner, although those of us who had an early start were certainly feeling by dessert!

Canary Wharf in the background

Mmm, bait fish

Fran and Graham trying to work out how many boxes they needed to buy

"If it swims we sell it"

An East end specialty, Jellied Eels.



Somewhere, in coastal New Zealand, we now have our own slice of heaven (complete with fiejioa tree)...

Now to find a caravan!

Harbury Beer Festival

When the Laundry King, came into our lives he had a very positive influence on the beer appreciation in the family.

It seemed logical then with Amy's sister Brenda and her husband (LK) visiting us in the UK for a few days before heading of to warmer climes to leave London for the small Warwickshire village of Harbury for their annual beer festival.

The theme was ale of many colours, and each of the 55 plus beers all somehow had a colour theme. Between us all we made a fantastic effort to get through the brilliantly named beers (Hung Drawn and Portered was one of the better names that comes to mind).

It was a great day out, and something to be done again no doubt (although perhaps not with the morris dancing).

Harbury Town Hall

Morris dancing

David, Brenda & Amy

Amy trying Morris Dancing

Brenda with a big stick

Mullets and beer guts

Paul & David picking the next drink

Towards the end of the day