Sunday, 17 August 2008

Summer in London

In keeping with our usual plan of spending summer in the UK our passports are now getting rather dusty. Since we came back from Wales, while it's been busy, we've not actually left London!

Without going into any degree of detail, here's a bit about what we've been up to in recent weeks....

We had Mel visit from Cardiff and went to the Lovebox festival with her, Fran & Graham (and met up with heaps of other people). Amy was rather excited to get to see Groove Armada live, while Paul's joint favourites were Hayseed Dixie and Dead Kids.

We then house sat for friends in south London and enjoyed being temporary cat and lawn people. A great chance to explore another part of the city (south of the river no less) without having to move house. We missed our dishwasher though, not to mention the local cheese shop.

Paul's been playing cricket for work and also with a bunch of antipodeans and even made it into the league semi-final. He's also started pre-season rugby training with the season starting properly in September.

Amy's sporting achievement was doing the City Run, and taking one whole second off last year's time. This week she's got a firm football competition which is bound to be a laugh having not played in years.

Back at our house we were grateful for the dishwasher when friends Jono & Rose visited from NZ en route to their epic European adventure. Aside from making us insanely jealous with their travel plans we also showed them some local sights and went to see Chicago.

And on top of this, at some point we went on a walking tour through on a summer's evening along the Thames, had a wine and cheese night, pub lunches, bbqs... and so on.

Next weekend we're off to the Yorkshire Dales for a spot of walking and the following weekend it's off to a beer festival with Brenda & David.

Amy, Paul, Amber & Rose on the way home one evening.