Monday, 31 July 2006

Picnic in Highbury Park

An afternoon baking was followed by a picnic in the local park with some of the usual suspects...

L-R Emma, Fran, Graham, Jess, Paul & Leona Posted by Picasa

A weekend out of London (Sussex & Kent)

Paul and his new very waterproof tent

One of the Seven Sisters (each sister is a peak in the cliffs)

A pebble beach and the Seven Sisters (well, one of them) - Seaford

Hever Castle (where the Bolyen girls grew up)

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Flanders Fields (Belgium)

Tyne-Cot Cemetery

Hill 62 - A Canadian trench

Ypres Cathedral

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A weekend in Brugge (Belgium)

Just a few photos (ooops a bit late) from our weekend in Brugge, with lots of moules, frites, biere et chocolate.

Opps we were in the dutch bit so it was mouljjqz, firijjjes, bieeeeeeeeeeeeeeerendrinken und khocolat.

A flour mill for Dennis

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