Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Sunset over Algeria

Way back in March one of the real highlights of the trip to Libya was a journey into the Sahara to see the sun set where Libya, Tunisia and Algeria meet. I still think we were lucky to make it alive as the guy who was driving our 4x4 had a death wish; mine.

I thought that something warm would make for my first painting project. Still need to get better though I think.


Delia said...

WOW. just wow. absolutely wow, on both the photo and the painting counts.

Mike Shaw said...

Well, well - It's amazing what you'll find when you decide to start googling some key peoples names...

So, feeling a little left out down here in NZ I thought I best try and track you lot down.

Love the photo by the way, I look forward to catching up with you more via your digital library.

Mike Shaw