Sunday, 6 April 2008

Castell Coch (29 March) Wales

Shortly after returning from Egypt we agreed with Mel to a weekend camping in Wales. Although after Mel's efforts camping in the snow at Easter and Amy having a cold the camping was abandoned in favour of a more sedate weekend of staying at Mel's flat in Cardiff and walking in the nearby countryside.

Saturday's walk, in what the BBC would describe as "wintery showers" (whereas I would call it driving frozen rain) was as Castell Coch, just outside of Cardiff.

In spite of the gales and the rain it was very nice to be out in the countryside and enjoying the farms and the forest. We also quite enjoyed the pub that we discovered two thirds into the walk where we sheltered from the worst of the weather.

Amy and Paul in style at the castle.

Mel, Paul and Dino on the ridge.

Mel with the map assuring us that the pub is just around the corner.

A well deserved ale - Mel, Dino and Paul
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