Sunday, 23 March 2008

A Day at Kew Gardens - Good Friday

This Easter, having spent previous ones in Sardinia and the India we decided to stay in London and to do what seemed like a good idea on the day. I think that this plan was formulated in the hope that the weather would be decent. To be honest it's been less than spring like and the winter coats are back out. In fact as I sit here the heating is on and I am rugged in my new woolly glassons top from Chantel and my Christmas socks.

But what was the point of being in London and having a long weekend if we stayed indoors? So, having fortified ourselves with fresh hot cross buns (is four too many to have for breakfast?) we headed out west to Kew Gardens.

The wind was blowing a gale so I was rather pleased to have all the great glasshouses to shelter in from the wind. The wind wasn't all bad though as it was also really good to hear the wind in the trees and to smell the wet mud about.

As it was spring there were daffodils everywhere and carpets of bluebells on the lawn, and as we avoided the rain all day it was a very nice day out.

The famous Palm House.

One of the cacti in one of the glasshouses.

A lawn of bluebells.

A Rata vine in the temperate glasshouse.
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