Sunday, 25 February 2007

A quick hello

Chantel reminded me recently just how slack I have been on the blogging front recently. I guess it’s tied to all the low profile keeping, and attempts to not spend any money before heading off to India in about 21 sleeps. That and there’s only so much excitement that comes from the work / gym / home routine. Actually, that’s not fair as my tube station has been closed, and will be for another week, so I have been working out new and exciting ways to work.

The big news in London belongs to our good friends Neil & Ange as their daughter Emma arrived safe last week. By all accounts she’s rather well behaved - and seems to like napping on her new quilt (courtesy of Brenda’s supreme sewing skills).

Emma and her Dad Neil

Other than that… on minor news… I’ve chopped all my hair off (a little more Mrs Beckham than Ms Spears, thankfully)…we’ve been to see a v funny movie “Hot Fuzz”, bringing back the glory of Brittish Police Cinema. … oh and I mis-counted, it’s probably only about 20 sleeps til we get away. Bring on the curry!

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