Thursday, 8 February 2007

Waitangi Week

It was Waitangi Day earlier this week but rather than a BBQ like last year we opted for a very fusion celebration… curry at our house, followed by watching Brazil play Portugal at Arsenal (err that would be Emirates Stadium, owned by arabs) at an international foolball friendly.

Now I’m not much of a football follower (I do enough to not get kicked out of our very Arsenal supporting pub) but it was v cool to finally see a big match (from the 5th row near the centre line), the music and drums in the crowd were just amazing, and the game wasn’t too bad either.

I also learnt some choice Portuguese phrases like “Go Brazil / Portugal”, some comments about the parentage of the players and my favourite “Mr Referee, I am sorry but I disagree with your decision and I believe that you may wish to reconsider” (followed with gestures…).

Sitting outside for a couple of hours made me realise just how cold it really is at present. The frost on the way back was just nasty. It was all worth it though when I woke up this morning to a couple of inches of snow. Paul thought I was quite nuts when I made a snowman on the deck before breakfast.

As I did with the last snow I again walked through the park to work and again had no shame in taking photos like a tourist. I have to add there were a fair few people doing the same!

This weekend Paul is taking a break from rugby (he’s rather good and has scored a silly number of tries in recent weeks) and we are having a weekend break in London. This will either mean we will play tourist in London, something that we’ve not done in a while; or, we’ll huddle in the warm somewhere and watch the six nations.

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Delia said...

My flatmate, Bivin, was up at four this morning to watch Manchester United play again (live on the internet )... we are having to review our internet plan because of it but it's worth it to have him grinning first thing in the morning and say "2 nil!".... He'd be so excited to know you guys live within a decent stone's throw of a major stadium....