Monday, 26 February 2007

Monopoly Run

I tried a new way home tonight as I had some jobs to do on the way home from work... and ran the monopoly board... by Euston, past Kings Cross, up Pentonville Road (one of the few hills in London), through Angel and Islington... and home. Looks like I've got the light blue set - now time to build a hotel!

When I first arrived here I read, well almost read Tim Moore's book Do Not Pass Go. I normally never not finish a book, but with about a chapter to go, and it being overdue I could not make myself read the last few pages of this one. Some of his other travel books look interesting so I may give them a go, and maybe I'll finish them.

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Delia said...

My flat smells like indian- and my gut is rebelling like mad with the fairly sudden diet change I've gone through- last year it was brown bread and brown rice and veges veges veges...

This year- I have two indian boys in my flat. they cook. they cook good. white rice, meat and spices. I'm working physically much harder than last year and needing sugar boosters throughout the day (at least that's my excuse for pockets full of jellybeans).

veges? the salad the boys made was swimming delightfully in a blue cheese sauce... sigh.

It's all good, and it's all different.