Monday, 11 May 2009

Sunny Turkey

Hi there,
Forgive this being short, but it is just lovely out there and now that it's mid afternoon I am going to brave the sun again and head to the beach.  I never thought that I'd be willing to pay for a beach, but here at Olympos you go through some ruins to get there so I see the beach pass as a ruins pass, with the beach as a free bonus...
We arrived in Turkey a few days ago after another Greek ferry adventure.  This time it was cancelled half an hour after it was due to depart.  But as we'd already gone through boarder control we had fun while five boarder control blokes tried to decide how to deal with us until the ferry departed later in the day.  Being stampped back in did the trick.
Rhodes was lovely and we especially like exploring the old walls with an English guy who is mapping them.  A bit geekish, but hey, that's what we are sometimes.
We have been hugging the coast here since we arrived and enjoying the tea serving hosptality on the buses.  We're chilling here at Olympos in the treehouses until tomorrow where we backtrack on the coast by boat for a few days.
Hope you are all well.
Amy & Paul

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