Friday, 1 May 2009

Athens, Greece

Greetings from very sunny Athens.

We have been in the city for a few days now, arriving from Corfu by over night boat (our first experience in "deck class") and bus, very early on Monday morning.

It has been quite a busy few days as we have spent most daylight hours wandering and exploring all the various ancient sites. Obviously we took in the Acropolis, which was very interesting, but we also visited other monuments, such as the Ancient and Roman Agora (market type places), cemeteries, temples and parks. I don't think there is much of central or ancient Athens that we have not seen. A surprise highlight for both of us was climbing Lykabettos Hill at sunset for some amazing views of the city - that was quite a hike, but well worth it.

Today is May 1, and it is confusing as to whether it is a public holiday, a strike or quite what. We've got a boat booked to one of the islands tonight, but who knows if that will be running, or if the metro out to the harbour will be working.

Changing of the Guard

At the top of Lykabettos Hill

At the Acropolis

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