Sunday, 19 April 2009

Zabjak - Durmitor National Park, Montengro

What a change this place was! We had decided that we'd been in urban places long enough for now and thought a few days in the hills might do us some good. I don't think either of us appreciated just how high these hills were... the town of Zabjak was at about 1500m, and was still under a fair bit of snow!

We opted for private accommodation and while our hosts were very confused as to why we were there between the skiing and walking season, they did ply us with slivovic (white brandy) and turkish coffee to keep us warm.

We braved the snow and the chill and enjoyed some outdoor time while we were there and particularly enjoyed our walk around a couple of lakes near to the town. As there really was not much else to do between seasons we made what would usually be a two and a half hour walk a five hour walk by playing in the snow in the forest (can't do that in NZ) and trying to work out just how thick the ice on the lake was by trowing rocks at it. That was not as destructive as it sounds as I'm a lousy shot and most of my rocks went plop in the watery bits.

It was really nice to be outside away from people for a bit and I think we'll be spending a few more days walking on this trip yet.

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