Sunday, 19 April 2009

The World's Greatest Bus Journeys - Part I - Sarajevo to Motenegro

You often hear of great train journeys, and some people even go to the trouble to write books about it, but neith Paul or I have ever seen a book on the World's Greatest Bus Journeys. If there was such a book, the trip between Sarajavo and Niksic in Montenegro would have to be in it.

After a walk from the local bus station (local buses don't go into the Serbian bit of Sarajavo you see) to the intercity bus, we journeyed through lots of farmland - proper haystacks, old men tending the land, the occasion goat - before heading high into the mountains. The road followed the valley of the Tara River and took us through the Trebevic National Park in Bosnia, and later through the Durmitor National Park in Montengro. The gorge was amazing, the river so blue, mist, mountains, lakes and tunnels.

You didn't always see roads though. On the Bosnian side of the border the road narrowed to single lane, then to single lane with gravel and wood bridges (the bus driver being quite expert in never having more than one wheel on the bridge at any one time), and finally to a small section of dirt road, with bits slipping off the sides. But we're here now and the bus didn't plunge, phew.

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