Sunday, 12 April 2009

The Republic of San Marino

San Marino was a place that we had not really expected to be near, however with the change in date and departure point for our boat to Croatia, as we were going to be on that coast of Italy anyway, it seemed silly to turn down a chance to visit!

We had been in Rimini, Italy for the night and having spent a few hours exploring the beach town and the Roman sites we were content to spend the next day going into the hills. This was clearly the right decision as it was raining on the coast as we left and was lovely and clear in the hills of San Marino.

The old town comprises of three castles / forts on the hills so we spent the best part of our time walking between them and getting lost in the maze of the old streets.

As an independent country we had hoped that we would be able to have our passports stamped as proof that we had passed through, however at the rate of five euros a stamp we decided to leave it for when we really need visas...

Amy and the first castle

Paul and the second

Guns and aprons seemed to be the gift of choice in RSM

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