Sunday, 12 April 2009

The adventure begins - Split, Croatia

Italy was always going to be the gentle start to the big adventure home. It is a little familiar and Amy tends to be able to use her French and Spanish language skills as a base for blagging her way in Italian.

The boat to Croatia however was the start of the real adventure. Gone was and sense of the familiar and from here on in we suspect that life is going to be rather exciting. Not that it wasn't before.

Our boat, ironically called the Dubrovnik (ironic as our boat to Dubrovnik was canceled) was to take us overnight from Anacona to Split. We had fun trying to find the check in and ended up walking about a extra 1800m more than we needed to, with packs, but were clearly not the first to do it as each port guard we met was able to point us in the right direction.

Once on the boat we discovered that our cabin was below the cars and the trucks, oh, and the waterline, which managed to freak Amy out a little. We had dinner at the Captains table and then had a vino or two with some Aussie we met while we had had the checkin drama. Amy slept better than she expected (probably thanks to the vino), and was pleased to wake up the next morning to the call for breakfast, and not thanks to an iceberg.

Our room

Paul at the Captains Table

Dawn over Split

We arrived in Split very early, which was rather nice as it meant that we got to explore the old city and Diocletian´s Palace without swarms of people. The whole complex is very impressive and, given that it is still used, quite amazing to see just how much of the original structure still exists. The real highlight was being able to go into the excavated basement where you could walk around an area which mirrored the floor plan of the old palace above.

With plans to explore the islands and the coast in other parts of the Adriatic, we left Split by bus and watched the countryside change from blue coast to mountains as we headed to Bosnia.

Dawn in the city

Building detail in the city

Paul in the basement

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