Sunday, 5 April 2009

Last chance London

Having moved out of the lovely wee flat that has been our home for the past 1300 or so days on Friday, we have been lodging with Fran & Graham just down the road for the last weekend in London. This our first real experience as lodgers as when we first arrived in London it was straight down the Piccadilly line to our house, but it would have been wrong to leave without dossing at least once, so here we are, on the floor, in the lounge, doing an OE in the good old fashioned way.

It was no coincidence at all that we are to fly out the Monday after the last Old Street game of the season. Sadly, although Street was a dominant force throughout the season, they lost 8 - 12 to a bunch of prison guards. But Street had the moral victory with a try and it was a real testament to how much the team loves the game that the rest of the day was spent watching other games at the Wasps home ground. It probably helped that the day was a stunner!

One of the more interesting places in London has to be Brick Lane. A street of Bengali restaurants, with a totally foreign but still English feel. It was fortunate that the Old Street end of season dinner was on Brick Lane as it's one of Amy's favourite places, and she had been wondering how and when it was possible to fit in another dirt cheep sweet English curry.

Sunday has very much been a last day to enjoy the more touristy thing about London. We started with a walk through Green Park before heading to Buckingham Palace. We had intended to drop in to see HRH to thank Her for Her hospitality over the past few years, however as she was not home we had to be content with looking through the main gates with the other Subjects.

We then meandered along the river, through the chaos of the South Bank street theatre before eventually making our way to the Founders Arms outside the Tate Modern for a last gaze at St Paul's with the usual suspects, and one or two fine British ales.

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Delia said...

I love the tube photos - makes it look like time travel.