Sunday, 29 March 2009

Credit Crunch to Cape Town*

(*Subject to funding)

As you may have heard, there's a phenomenon occurring in London that has been called the Credit Crunch . It's so popular that it's caught on in other countries, and every one's worried about the state of the economy and everyone has an opinion as to how long this will all last, and what will be the ultimate cure.

So in a time where stress and worry has gripped the City, and redundancies abound, you would be right to wonder why the two of us have decided to voluntarily pack it in and see the world.

The answer is simple: Why not?

Actually don't answer that, there's probably many reasons, mostly sensible financial reasons, why it may not be a good idea, yet none of those are going to stop us.

We have had a real blast living in the UK. In the past three years, eight or so months we've visited the far reaches of the British Isles, including many small towns in strange counties. We've travelled to three continents, twenty plus countries, and the odd principality. There's been international work trips, and international rugby tours (both playing and supporting). There's been midnight sun, and days of darkness. There's been five star hotels, camping holidays, boat trips, pubs with B&Bs, and this one place which as it was so disgusting that even Paul was up at 5 am to leave it as soon as the sun rose. There has been so many yummy foods that even Amy can't remember them all let alone cook them. And then the teas, coffees, lassis, beers, fresh Moroccan orange juices.

There's nothing about our time here that we would change and we are very fortunate to have had the opportunities that we have had.

We also understand fully that so many of the things that we have loved will not be possible to do easily from Godzone. So before we go home to the wide open spaces and white sand beaches of home (oh, and the friends and family of course!) we were determined to see the World. Or as much of it as we possibly can.

Our intended path is well researched, but as a trip of a lifetime** there are very few things planned and we're happy to see where we end up. Vaguely, we fly to Italy tomorrow and we plan to travel to and as far into Africa as we can until the (self)funding comes to an end.

So watch this space for all our adventures, misadventures and stories.

(** until the next one)

The World, our oyster....

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