Sunday, 8 July 2007

Summer in London

While not as balmy as last summer this one has certainly got itself off in English tradition. There's been Pimms resembling fruit salad, corporate functions with cucumber sandwiches, Ascot with the Queen, Wimbledon on centre court (observing not playing) and one of the super highlights was Paul's partners v staff cricket day at Tilford. The day consisted of a train ride to the middle of nowhere to play on the village green (on a hill) and to enjoy a BBQ in a beautiful English garden.

Of course as we had been used to Christmas falling in summer we decided to have a Mid-Summer-Christmas with the usual suspects and some English friends (it took a lot of explaining for the English to understand quite why...). It was a great day with the house bursting with 22 people. There was a Pav, a well received care pack with a bottle of Watties, a visit from Santa, and a whole lot of rain.

Jess looking like the Grinch (with a smile)

Present time - Tom, Jon (with his pink nail kit) Reuven and Emma

Santa's helpers - Vicky and Amber

Neil & Reuven on the BBQ
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