Sunday, 8 July 2007

Peter und Paul Festival - Bretten

Last weekend we spent three days in the town of Bretten, Germany for the Peter und Paul Festival. It was quite a spectacle; there were camps of blacksmiths / leather smiths / cloth dyers/ washerwomen gathered round their community fires, woodsmoke in the air, costumes everywhere, sausages, sauerkraut, beer. We spent our days (when not napping or watching Fran finish the costumes) watching flag tossing displays, drinking beer and attempting to get involved with German folk dancing (which was quite hard when none of us knew the moves, or how to understand the bloke calling out the instructions!).

Big thanks to Wille & Briggette who let us stay with them and use their coffee machines.

Paul and Amy looking like extras for Lord of the Rings

Sara, Briggette & Fran

Amy working on her german

Paul, Graham & Fran

Paul, Graham, Claudia, Fran, Traude, Willie & Rob
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Didier said...

Bonjour Amy and Paul
Waouh retour au moyen âge!!!!!!!
Comment allez-vous?
Venez-vous au mariage de Nicolas le 29/09?
Amy, peux-tu m'envoyer ton adresse mail la plus courante pour t'écrire?
A plus