Monday, 1 January 2007

New Year - Rye

After the fantastic time we had last year it seemed like a good idea to again head off to a cottage with the usual suspects. The drive to the Highlands was less appealing so we found the Saltbarn in Rye, Sussex. It had an Aga, a dishwasher and a fireplace so we came up trumps I think!

It was a lazy couple of days where nobody moved too far from the stash of Christmas chocolates and where each person on cooking detail fed us as if we were never going to eat again. We did venture to the beach one day, and each of us was grateful for all the food we’d eaten as I’m sure without it we would’ve been blown away in the gale.

The theme for new year was Bogans, Chavs and Westies, lots of black was worn to celebrate, and the Countdown to the new year was done in kiwi style singing Loyal with Paul playing guitar.

It’s back to work tomorrow and time to do some real research for the next travelling adventure - someone find me a map and a dart…

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