Sunday, 14 January 2007

A mixed up blog…

Back at work after Christmas this blog is going to be a little mixed up.

I’ve noticed again just how many kiwis there are in London. I was at a pub for a colleague’s leaving drinks and noticed someone with very familiar mannerisms - turns out it was an old friend from high school I’d not seen in about ten years. So, of my class of about 80, and aside from the friends I know are here, there was the guy I bumped into at the All Black game, and the girl I saw randomly in the west end one night - who knows how many other there are out there - maybe 20+… Then don’t even let me start on my profs class, one guy works two streets away, and another lives a couple of blocks away. Is there anyone left in NZ?

On the eternal quest for decent coffee, while Paul was at rugby yesterday (getting a try no less) I went to a café I spied close to the new Arsenal stadium with Fran and Graham. Quite surprisingly the coffee was quite good - perhaps even a 7/10 (Average London coffee is given high praise if it makes a 4/10 - because, by London standards, it is about as good as you are going to get). I can see some newspaper brunches coming up.

Finally, as Paul was really good last year Santa gave him the present of a day trip to Diggerland for Christmas. Today was a lovely (cold) sunny day to dig holes and drive JBCs about the place. The boys were as happy as, err, pigs in mud…

Paul testing one of the little diggers

And now in a big digger

Amy poking her tongue out to think

Haven't driven a car in years... but these things corner like the old Sunny Posted by Picasa


Aaron Martin said...

Man that has to be the coolest theme park ever, and the jingle ain't half bad either!

Brenda said...

According to a TV program I saw the other night, "Flat White" in Soho ( is THE place for an Antipodean to find a decent cup of coffee. Have you been there yet?

And we may just have to add "Diggerland" to our England to-do list.