Monday, 24 April 2006

Visitors for the weekend

Last weekend we had the first visitors for the summer. An old uni mate, Heath (who Dad remembers for standing outside the fridge seeking inspiration then BBQ-ing one mean post 21st BBQ breakfast), and his girlfriend Claire joined us for a few days.

Friday night was a serious home cooked meal of cheese course, entrée of Crab Mayonnaise in Iceburg Wraps, mains of a Moroccan persuasion and individual berry tiramisu for dessert. Even I impressed myself with the whole lot prepared in just over an hour!

Ah yes, visitors… Saturday was a nice lazy day (it was sunny in London!) at home before joining good friend Ange for her birthday pub crawl on the Thames. On Sunday we explored the Imperial War Museum.

Wonderful to have the house full and great to see Heath & Claire again.
Bring on the next round of visitors! Posted by Picasa


Brenda said...

I wonder who your next visitors will be :-)

Amy said...

I think it's more a point of who is not visiting next weekend! Did I tell you Mel and I are meeting for coffee while you go through customs!

Brenda said...

Aha - now your post has links and everything!