Monday, 16 November 2009

We did it! We're in Cape Town

After 216 days, 24 countries and countless good times we have made it to Cape Town. It seems that unless we turn around and head up the west coast of Africa (tempting) we've run out of Africa.

Our adventure has not come to an end though as we've been staying with Graheme and Colleen, who we met in Malawi, and who have shown us a very good time.

Sadly we will be leaving soon but we've still got one adventure to go - meeting our one year old niece in Australia.

They say it's 9,600 kms to London; we must've done at least double that

The end of Africa

Paul having a good time in the rain

Cape beaches

More of the end of Africa

At the entrance of Robben Island where Nelson Mandela and others were held in prison (this is for you B!)

Me jumping for Auckland

Looking back to the mainland

us on Robben Island

Paul entering the prison

Nelson Mandela's cell

In the winelands

A local artist on show

Playing in the dunes: The Smurf

Tilly & Harry

Real hard core backpakers do it with oysters and Methode Cap

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