Monday, 21 September 2009

Visiting Mbotukunga in Tanzania

While we are in Tanzania we have taken the chance to visit eight year old Mboa (who we sponsor through World Vision) and his family in the community of Magugu.

WV's work is about a third through as they have been involved in the community for 6 years, and plan to remain for a total of 15.

We had a really interesting morning meeting the family, seeing his home, playing football and having the village women sing and dance for us.

More interesting however was the couple of hours that we spent with the Field Team afterwards as Paul and I quizzed them on their goals, the progress and the vision for the community's future.

If you were ever interested in sponsoring a child then I would encourage you to look this community up on WV's website. Their aim is to see 10% of the children in the area sponsored and presently they only have sponsorship for 1570 out of 2500.

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