Sunday, 16 August 2009


It's hard to work out quite what the best bit about Kenya is.

I think it is fair to say that by the time we'd made our way from Southern Ethiopia into Kenya we had been left quite fatigued from all the additional effort required each day just to deal with the locals and the buses. So the best bit could well be that everyone speaks English or that there's no special prices for foreigners or that the hotels seem less like brothels or that buses (even the 17 hours on the dirty bumpy road from Moyale to Isiolo) seem spacious and leave at sane hours.

After an initial miss in the food department (being a diet of stews made from bad cuts of meat and other 1950's housewife staples) and a disaster in the coffee department (I saw Paul drinking instant, it was not a pretty sight), we have had a real hit by discovering what "butchery" means. Turns out it's a meat bbq restaurant; so the best bit could also be the vast amounts of grilled meat we have had in recent days.

Or it could be either of the National Parks we have been to.

The first was Lake Nakuru NP where the lake was pink with flamingos, the grasslands were teeming gazelles, zebras and buffalo, amongst others and in the safety of our van we got up close and personal with some huge white rhinos.

At Hell's Gate NP, we hired bikes for a closer look at the animals and to have the freedom to stop whenever we wanted to. The first stop was a wee premature as the chain on my bike broke. All was not lost however as this even slower approach meandering on foot, much to the curiosity of the animals. At one point we spotted a giraffe about 200m away and with some keen stalking we got within 20m of what turned out to be a family group of three. So that may be the best bit.

Or maybe it was camping on the lakeside, surrounded by monkeys, with hippos making nighttime visits to the camp.

It's all so hard to pick!

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