Wednesday, 24 June 2009

On the coast in Egypt

It has been a while since we last sat down and gave an update so apologies if this is mixed up or repeats any emails you've had.

We had a good few days in Petra, Jordan, last week.  The red rock and canyons alone would have made it a spectacular site.  The fact that so many of the walls had been carved out for temples, houses and great monuments only makes the place even more impressive.

The desert of Wadi Rum was our next stop.  We had a good few hours touring the sanddunes and the rock formations in a 4x4, and a good couple of hours lunch in the middle of nowhere too when we blew a tyre and neither of the jeeps had a spare.  We stayed overnight in a Bedouin camp with Zedane who kindly pointed out the camps owned by three of his 28 siblings (seems that the cousins owned the rest).  Dinner remined me of a hangi as it was cooked in a hole in the sand. 

Getting into Egypt involved a snall anount of chaos.  If we thought thtta the Greek ferry timetable ws relaxed, then the ferry from Aqaba, Jordan to Nuwebia, Egypt has certainly refined that art.  Still, at least the boat had AC and we could spend the delay playing cards and chatting with fellow travellers.

We stayed a couple of days at the Soft Beach Camp in Nuwebia, and I could have happily lived there forever... only we could not easily do Mt Sinai or dive, so we extracted ourselves from the paln frondlounging areas abd tge turtle filled water and headed to a busier part of the coast.

We are not in the chilled town of Dahab, Egypt, having as we had promised ourselves all along, a few days in the coast before we head inland for the next couple of months.As we are not moving for about a week (a personal best for our travels, ever) we've taken the chance to learn to dive.  I took a few days to get used to the crazy fact that I was in fact breathing underwater, but Paul took to it literalylike a fish to water.  The marne life here is quite amazing, so  am pleased that we have taken this oppertunity.  Hopeflly we will have the chance to do some more diving further through Africa. 

Tonight we are heading up Mt Sinai, where Moses is said to have recived the 10 Commandments, to watch the sunrise before visiting St Katherine's Monastry below. Apparently St Katherine's has some of the best preserved Byzantine icons, which I am looking forward to seeing (how can a girl not like paintings of red and gold).

Hope you are all safe and well, whereever you are.

Amy & Paul

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