Monday, 8 June 2009

A brief hello from the Middle East

Greetings from Baalbek, Lebanon where we are hanging out post election.  You'll have to forgive this being a quick one as we have lost power twice in the past hour and my nice long updates have been lost.
We have really enjoyed our time here.  Syria has been full of surprises.  There have been great ruins, pink coloured deserts, exciting souqs, free falafel, friendly locals and beer.
Lebanon has been a countershock.  Aside from Beirut being occupied by the army before the election it was easy to see that the city had a real buzz to it - lots of nice shops, restaurants, sadly all closed with the weekend / elections on.  We are now in Baalbek (ruins also closed today) to see the great Roman temples before heading back to Damascus and then on to Jordan. 
Hope you are all safe and well where you are.
Amy & Paul 

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