Friday, 19 December 2008

Oh Canada

Never one to stay still for very long, a few days after coming back from Ireland, Amy set off for Calgary, Canada to visit her friend Andrea and her family - husband Chris, Hanna (5) and Alex (all of 6 or so weeks old at the time of Amy's visit!). Annie and Amy met as Rotary exchange students in Belgium in 1997 and kept in touch through the various stages in life after returning to their respective homes half a world apart. The last time they saw each other was when Annie, Chris & Hanna visited in 2005 just after Paul & Amy moved to the UK.

Photo of us all at Windsor in 2005

Although it was a short visit, the M family were lovely hosts taking Amy to visit their friends, to the hot tourist spots in town like the Calgary tower and memorably a trip into the town of Bannf in the Rockies. There was also lots of time for cuddles and stories with the little ones and bbqs, wine and coffee with the grown ups. Hopefully we'll all get to catch up again soon!

Hanna, Annie & Alex

Hanna & Alex

Amy standing on the frozen lake

Amy with her hand in a frozen lake

The Rockies

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