Monday, 29 September 2008

The Yorkshire Dales

In keeping with our promise to spend "summer" in the UK, we took the train up to the Yorkshire Dales for the last bank holiday in August.

Paul had chosen a place in the middle of the famous Settle to Carlise tourist train route, so not only did we have the pleasure of being in the north where people actually speak to strangers on the trains (and to be fair we had a very strange one as we left Leeds), but we also had people selling tourist guides and telling us where to look out on the train journey!

We stayed a in tiny little hamlet called Cowgill. I think that the only feature on the OS map was in fact the pub that we stayed in. And it was lovely to be so isolated and to see so much green.

The reason that the Dales were so appealing was the chance to go out walking in the countryside so in spite of the threat of rain we had two lovely days walking, and two lovely evenings by the fire at the pub.

Dent was having their summer fair while we were in the neighbourhood so Amy took great pleasure in looking at the fare competition (although thought that the marmalade winning the jam completion was a bit scandalous).

Amy also took hundreds of photos of the wide open spaces, but here are just a few.

Dent Station

Trainline to Dent

The view heading west

Walking up the valley - We walked right through the garden of this farmhouse. Complete with farmbirds!

Mushroom in the forest

Another waterfall

The view of the train into Dent from above

View from the picnic spot. Mmm marmite sandwiches

Amy picking brambles

Dent Village Fair

Paul being a little confused about the signs

Amy walking through the world's smallest gate

The Sportsman's Inn

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