Sunday, 13 July 2008

Paris & Lord's!

Last year Brenda purchased a subscription to North & South for the Londonites for Christmas. One of Amy's favourite regular features is "36 hours in...". It normally features places in NZ such as Te Aroha, Tutakaka and the like.

As an attempt to do the same here is a short account of 30 hours of a summer weekend; the girls went to Paris to celebrate Amber's birthday and Paul and Graham went to Lords.

(There's some photos somewhere of Paul and Graham on the hallowed turf after the game too.)

Amber's birthday celebrations started with an early morning Eurostar to Paris. It was an exciting morning, not just because we were off to the land where all things starting with C are good (chocolate, cheese, croissants, coffee...), but also because Neil (whose birthday it was also) had made it to the train station with Jess's passport in time.

First birthday drinks and breakfast on the train.

In our group there were people like Amy who knew Paris well and others who had only been there once, or never before. We decided to take a very relaxed approach to exploring the city and this, naturally, included coffee stops.

Katie, Amber, Jess, Fran (at back), Kristy (in front), Leona & Sarah

We'd also decided that as a lasting memory of the weekend together and Amber's birthday that her present from us (and the lovely Rose in NZ) was to be a handbag, or similar, to be purchased on our travels.

First stop was Galeries Lafayette. Sadly we were not successful in our first attempt, but we did have a great time looking about.

The amazing glass ceiling in Galeries Lafayette

After some more walking it was time for a scenic lunch break near the Louvre.

Leona, Fran & Jess.

Here are some more photos from our wanderings through the city.

The Road of the Cat who Fishes.

Leona on a mission to take some cheese home to Patrick.

Our evening was spent, all glammed up, having a lovely dinner on the Left Bank. Astounding to say, but there are no photos of us all looking very pretty, you'll have to take our word for it.

After dinner we walked some more and found ourselves beneath the Eiffel Tower and we stayed there until it did the final flickery lights for the evening.

Sunday morning it was, coffee and croissant time again before taking our now sore feet for another walk to Monmartre.

Amber, Kristy, Jess, Sarah, Katie & Fran

Breakfast of champions.

Monmartre is one of those places that Amy could visit over and over again. It may be seriously touristy, but the music, churches and views are all worth it.

A spot in Paris where Amy sat, in the sun, eating cherries and listening to the street performers.

It turns out that Monmartre also has less tourist places, like a shop that turned out to be the handbag mecca. Several were purchased in total... including two for Amber!

Hmmm which one....

Finally it was time for the train home, but not before Amy and Leona had restocked the picnic supplies for the journey home.

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