Friday, 25 April 2008

Anzac Day

From speaking with other Kiwis here, and seeing the comments on Facebook, I find it quite moving that so many young(ish) people are remembering our troops after all these years. I guess we've all got someone in our family, albeit a bit further back now, who fought, if not died.

Although many Kiwis visit Gallipoli for Anzac Day, we're off to France. An old school friend of Paul's who I know independently through law links in Auckland (and my friend Leona is independently related to...) has very kindly organised for a small troop of 38 Kiwis to go the north of France to a small town called Le Quesnoy, which was liberated by the Kiwis in 1918, by hand.

As I should be packing my bag, (determined to get my sleeping bag, towel, camera and everything else I need into a very small suitcase), I'll leave you with some pre-reading.


This site has an excellent 7-page write-up of NZ's involvement with Le Quesnoy:

Another write-up:

And the official write-up on the Paris NZ Embassy web site:

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