Sunday, 3 February 2008

The White Desert

And here we are, at the place that provided the reason for dragging friends and family through the sand for days on end.

Another breakdown. Nothing like a broken radiator fan in the middle of nowhere...

Mel and Delia hangin out at Crystal Mountain

Nothing in front of us but sand, nothing behind us but sand.

Amy & Delia at the "Obstacle Course"

The fine white dust of the White Desert

One of the rock features

Leave only footprints, take only photos - here are some fossils from the White Desert. I thought they looked like raspberries.

Paul & Amy

More rock features


Cricket in the desert

Delia joining in with the locals in providing entertainment

Look carefully, this isn't a blank photo, it is actually stars. I'll blog another when I've highlighted it

Tea at dawn - Paul & Amy

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