Sunday, 3 February 2008

The Western Desert - The Great Sand Sea (Day 2)

I take full responsibility for our trip going into the Western Desert. I had seen some photos of the White Desert and thought that just sounded unlike any other place in the world.

Of course it's not very easy to get to so we were able to enjoy more of the Great Sand Sea.

Paul, Amy, Valda, Delia

Paul during the standing jump competition

This photo has a bit of a story. I was in the girls' van with Kay, Valda and Delia. We had a "western" tape and it had some Sinatra on it. We were all singing away to "My way" and literally as the song ended we braked on the ridge with the other trucks - the timing was rather funny.

Walk like an Egyptian - Jess, Andrew, Paul, Delia, Valda and Graham

Lunch at another oasis - Andrew, Delia, Mohamed, Jess, Paul & Mel

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