Saturday, 2 February 2008

Valley of the Kings

Like many things in Egypt we didn't really know what to expect. The Valley of the Kings was no exception. We were certainly in a real adventure mood having survived the donkey ride and made the decent into the valley on foot.

Our tickets enabled us to go into three tombs and our guide made some excellent choices as each was diferent from eachother. Each brightly painted and it was also possible to see the changes in the degree of detail in types of decorations over the years. It must've been quite an experience to be an early explorer and to come across the tombs - even better if you found one with treasure.

Perhaps one of the more memorable moments was, having climbed a long staircase up a cliff, wandered a passage in the light, then decended into the dark caverns, over the planks over the traps, down another tunnel into the first of two chambers in the tomb the power went out. No lights, no fans, total darkness and a lot of heat... all of a sudden the suicial donkey didn't seem to bad (although the power was shortly restored and we made it out safely and there were no replays of scenes from Indiana Jones or The Mummy).

View when walking into the valley.

A map seeing as we were not allowed to take photos in the tombs.

... the digging continues...

The view back up the Valley.
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