Saturday, 2 February 2008


We arrived in Alex after another overnight train and what was agreed in the group as a very uncomfortable mini-bus ride. It was New Year's eve and as (due to a lost suitcase) we'd postponed the secret santa part of Christmas the group split and explored the city and trying to find markets.

Our exploring took us to the museum which had displays from all parts of the city's heritage - Egyptian, Greek, Roman, modern. We also checked out the souq which was more for the locals than the tourists and even discovered the tat-souq with all items bright, plastic and with flashing lights.

I'll need to nab someone else's photos but we had great fun with a few wines and secret santa before heading out for a fresh fish dinner (mmmm it's hard to find fresh fish in London).

After a lovely dinner with one of the best mezzes I have ever had we split again. It was New Year's eve and there was no way I was going to bed before midnight. We had been told that there were bars in Alex, we even had a map, but we couldn't locate any. Paul eventually asked a local cop by using the international "I'd quite like a drink" gesture.

We were sent down a wee side street and to an unmarked shop. Inside there was one flavour of beer, and more bottles of Johnny Walker than I've ever seen before in my life.

After seeing in the new year, just, on account of the long day and another early start scheduled we headed back to the hotel to discover how the locals celebrated - by throwing things out windows - water - food - glasses - and in one case an entire kitchen.

The view from our room - the sea yay!

Picnic on the corniche - Amy, Mel, Dennis, Kay (and the others)

Mmm fish dinner.
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