Sunday, 13 January 2008

When in Rome

Just to backtrack slightly...

We had decided when booking our flights to Egypt that as the cheapest flights were via Rome, and as we'd both made visits in the past (Amy in 97 and Paul in 2001) and still had things left to see, it made sense to have a couple of days in Rome en route. It was also good to have some time to hang out together as we'd both had a rather manic time workwise in the lead up to Christmas.

The big thing that neither of us had done in Rome the first time was going inside the Coliseum, Palatine Hill and the Forum so that took a good day of our time. We had good guides for these places and managed to brush up and fill in some historical gaps. We also did lots of general wandering to places like the Trevi Fountain and St Peter's Basilica.

Outside the Coliseum

Paul and Amy at the Trevi Fountain

St Peter's by night

Although Amy failed to find the shop with 100 flavours of gelati we did manage to eat our body weights in pizza and pasta and to have ham and cheese at nearly all meals.

Paul having one of the five plus a day pizzas


SKnightly said...

Doh! The 100 flavours of gelatto shop is right across the square from the Trevi fountain. With your back to the fountain, it's in the left-front corner of the square.

Amy & Paul said...

I knew I wasn't making it up... Must book another trip to Rome now...