Thursday, 31 January 2008

Team NZ takes on the Nile

I had a few doubts about the felucca; small boat, eleven of us, Mohamed and the crew, horror stories of no toilets but thankfully it was all fine.

There are no photos (well none I took anyway) of the days we spent lazing, reading, playing 500, no photos from dancing and singing round the campfire but there are millions of photos of the Nile horizons.

We also had a wee side trip to a place called Daraw which a a camel market town. A few of us got back on the camels, albeit they were only short rides in the yards. In the market we got to try sugar cane juice (like the smell of sweet lawn clippings) and see how meet was identified in the shops (they left the tail on).

The felucca was a great palce to relax and we ate like (vegeterian) kings.

Graham putting the flag up.

A Nile horizon.

Bridge over the Nile.

Moored for the night.

A curious local.

On the way to Daraw

Kids in the camel market.

The meat market (check out the tails)

Delia and Mohamed

Sunrise on the Nile.

What to do when the windis light.

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