Sunday, 27 January 2008

Abu Simbel

Getting to Abu Simbel was not the most fun thing that we did on holiday. As there had been some threats of terrorism / disruption a couple of years ago the local police had deemed it necessary to have everyone travel there by convoy.

So it was up at 3am to meet the van and join the convoy south to near the Sudan boarder.

As far as temples go the temples of Temple of Ramesses II and Temple of Nefertari are large and impressive. The maths of getting light into the inner temple of Ramesses II on (allegedly) his birthday and coronation day was quite smart.

But what makes the place especially amazing is that it has been moved! In a hydro project creating Lake Nassar they had to move the temples so that they were not to be 60m below the water only to be seem by divers.

Sun over Lake Nassar

Temple of Ramesses II

Temple of Ramesses II

Temple of Ramesses II

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Inside Temple of Ramesses II

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