Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Tube Strike

Nothing makes London turn to chaos quite like a tube strike. There's a 72 hour strike this week timed perfectly for:
  1. Kids going back to school
  2. Everyone coming back from holiday
  3. Both of us being busy at work and needing to get in early / stay late
  4. Us to have to work out the obscure ways to get to the airport to go to France on Thursday
My line was one of the two and a half lines that were not closed but I still had to wait about 15 mins, two tubes and finally made it on like a sardine (doing the "can you move down please" trick). The trip home was a lot better as I ran and did a personal best.

This little video on youtube comes with a parental advisory but is doing the rounds, as I imagine it does every tube strike season...

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