Sunday, 25 March 2007


Having decided that Mamallapuram was one of those places that we could have ended up spending the rest of our holiday lazing at we decided after three days it was smart to keep moving.

We braved the local bus, which to be fair was no worse than the Piccadilly line on a Saturday, if not better, and enjoyed our second class seats on the floor by the space where in other countries you would put a door. The ride was really pleasant and gave great views of the countryside and the farmland.

Pondy is an old French colony so seems comparatively organised, and even clean (mind you anything beats the mess in Delhi).

A throwback sign in Pondy

We did a tour about the town yesterday, including the backwaters and a commune called Auroville (which I remain sceptical about - go there without religion to worship the Divine, but the town is named after the bloke who founded it...)

The shrine at Auroville

We met another Paul on the bus (who lives in the next postcode in London) and had dinner in a French restaurant with him and another traveller we picked up on the way, followed by a spot of cricket watching.

Unfortunately Paul has been sick today. He braved thew outside world for a couple of wee walks but is now enjoying the AC, lots of water and antibiotics (and more cricket). I've done a bit of exploring today, along the beach, through random streets and 'boulevards', stumbled upon Mr Aurobindo's Ashram, and my personal favourite finding a temple with an elephant.

Temple Elephant

Dusk on the beach

All going well we'll head southish tomorrow, not sure where we'll end up next...

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